Overview of the 2012 class


Course Web Site: www.helenrindsberg.com/IDS_360

Course Description:
This course is an exploration of the impact of pre-modern Japan on contemporary Japanese culture. It will culminate in a twelve-day trip to Japan. Students will explore the country's fine arts, history and religious beliefs from the Edo Era (1615 - 1868) to the present. They will learn how these three forces influenced contemporary Japanese art and cultural life.

Course Title: IDS 360, Section E1: Contemporary Japan and Its Roots

Prerequisites: IDS 100 and Sophomore status (at the time of the trip)

Credit Hours: 3 semester hours

Instructors: Helen Rindsberg 513-381-0234
Available: 30 minutes before and after every class

Jennifer M. Morris, PhD 513-244-4694
11B Humanities

Course Meets: Thursdays
6:30 - 9:20 PM Room Art 105
Jan. 19, Feb. 2 and 23, March 8 and 22, April 5 and 19, May 3
Two field trips, dates to be determined by participants
Travel dates: May 16 - 29, 2012
June 28, 2012 post-trip classes

Required Text:
The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture
Edited by Roger J. Davies and Osamu Ikeno
Tuttle Publishing, 2002

Additional supplemental readings will be assigned.


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