February 23, 2012: Inside/Outside, Up/Down



Textbook readings for Feb. 23 are below.

  • Honne to Tatemae (private to public) page 117
  • Sempai-Kohai (seniority) page 194
  • Uchi to Soto (inside home/outside home) page 222

Here is the question for your one page essay: Japanese culture seems fraught with ways to remain separate and individual amidst a rigid hierarchy, especially when one considers concepts like uchi and soto, honne and tatemai, and sempai and kohai. How, then, do these ideas reinforce Japanese group culture, and how do they challenge it?

Inside/Outside Up/Down Here's Helen's presentation for this class if you'd like to view it again.

You can also print out the presentation using this PDF Inside/Outside Up/Down (PDF, 576kb)

Click here to view Steve's presentation on Directions.

You can download the same presentation as a PDF language-directions.pdf (approx .5mb)

Here's the homework, identifying words you'll want to use during your homestay Hobbies Questionaire (PDF, 30kb)

Sugar-coated Corporate Problems (PDF, 43kb) This review of a Japanese book on human resources problems give you an inside look at Generation X and Generation Y employees as well as irresponsible corporations. Please compare with US young employees as they are portrayed in the media.
If you want a printable vocabulary sheet, there's one at the end of the PDF.


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