Document Checklist for Travel


Students: you are to make two copies of each of the documents listed below. You will received a handout in class on April 19 that shows you how to efficiently arrange the documents on the copier.

1. Your passport's main page and the last page

2. Your health insurance card, front and back

3. Your driver's license, front and back

4. Your MSJ ID card, front and back, for museum discounts

5. If you will bring a credit card, the front and back of the card, and the 800 number to call if you lose it.

6. A copy of the name, dosage and how you should take your prescription drugs. You can copy a package from the drug or information from your pharmacy.

Click here to see how to copy the documents listed above.

In addition, you will need to provide to us:

1. Your signed copy of the MSJ Release and Medical Authorization form. MSJ Assumption of Risk and Medical Authorization(PDF, 70kb)

2. Your signed copy of our class Code of Behavior. Code of Behavior(PDF, 33kb)


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