Contemporary Life

  1. Searchable Map of Japan can be used to get more detailed views of each major area and many cities and tourist areas.

  2. Japan Atlas has information about historical sites, architecture, traditional crafts, festivals, nature and advanced technology. It's easy to read, concise information that is well organized.

  3. Daily Yomiyuri Online Check here every day for the latest news from one of Japan's largest newspaper. It's also interesting to see their view of events in America.

  4. Web Japan From the site's "About Us" Section: Web Japan is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and operated by a Japanese non government organization. Web Japan was launched with the aim of helping people around the world get to know more about Japan and the Japanese. With more than about 200 million hits per year from around the world, it has become one of Japanís leading websites for information on the country. The site provides highly reliable information on Japan across many different genres including culture, sightseeing, society, history and nature.

  5. Nipponia Online Magazin is a quarterly magazine featured on Web Japan. This links you to their index of major categories: Life and Culture, Travel and History, Art and Entertainment, Nature and Geography, Science and Technology, and People and Work. Most articles are short and informative with interesting photographs. I've linked to some specific articles around our web site.

  6. Monthly Calendar of Annual Events A quick look, month by month, of seasonal festivals and special activities from Nipponia Online Magazine.

  7. Convenience Stores are everywhere in Japan, but different from American convenience stores. Here's a short article on their revenue, products and daily schedule from Nipponia Online Magazine.

  8. Folding Paper The Infinite Possibilities of Origami is an exhibit organized by the non-profit International Arts & Artists that is traveling around the United States from 2012 - 2014. This link takes you to the International Arts & Artists and an explanation of the exhibit from. Check the top right hand side of the page for a link to examples of the origami and click on "More images." If you are interested in the exhibition catalog, click here


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