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  1. Festival Arts in Japan is a very informative book review that will answer your basic questions about modern Japanese festivals.

  2. To 12 Summer Matsuri of Japan links to the English language web sites of twelve festivals. Some have wonderful illustrations and articles on the history of the festival.


  1. Chanko-nabe While we're in Tokyo, we'll eat lunch at a chanko-nake restaurant. Check out this article to learn about the history and traditions of this stew favored by sumo wrestlers.

Ikebana, Flower Arranging

  1. Ikebana, Flower Arranging is a brief introduction to this beautiful art. There are links to other sites if you wish more information.

Kabuki Theater

  1. Kabuki Theater is a basic introduction to the history and development of the theater for the common man during the Edo Period (1603-1854). It actually was started by a woman, though now all the actors are men.

  2. Kabuki Theater II contains more information. The article compares Kabuki to the Noh theater and explains its uneasy relationship to the ruling shogunate.

  3. Opening Night at the Morita Theater helps you explore the Shibaraku Kabuki Performance captured in three woodblock prints by Utagawa Kunisada. Dartmouth College and Professor Allen Hockley host a very interesting site, fully illustrated.

  4. Kabuki Juhachiban are eighteen famous dramatic heroe plays. They are popular for the key dramatic moments that allow an actor to excel.

  5. The Tale of Heike Heroes from the epic Tale of Heike inspired the artwork on many hanten. This article explains the plot of one battle from the Tale of Heike that is a famous and well-loved Kabuki play. Beware! It's more complicated than a soap opera.

  6. Inside A Kabuki Theater gives you a detailed look at a theater. Click on the boxes to learn about the groundlings, the play and other very interesting features.

  7. Osaka Prints, Inc. has compiled a resource of 32 articles on various aspects of Osaka Kabuki actors, themes, plays and prints. Check out article No. 9 on Fantstic Fans - as in over the top actor fan clubs.

Tea Ceremony

  1. Zen and Leaves: Japanese Tea Ceremony is a brief introduction to the history and significance of the tea ceremony.

  2. Chaji is a detailed description of the tea ceremony where a meal is served.

  3. A History of Chanoyu is for the person who is interested in learning about the great teachers of the tea ceremony through Japanese history.


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