Travel Information - Packing, etc.


American Airlines web site gives their information about luggage weight and size restrictions for international flights.

For our trip to Japan, these are the IDS 360 restrictions:

  1. Maximum suitcase size - total of height, width and depth = 50 inches

  2. Maximum weight = 35 pounds

  3. On the flight to Japan, you may take ONE backpack on the plane and you can check ONE suitcase

  4. While we are traveling in Japan, you may have only ONE backpack and ONE suitcase.

  5. When you return to the US you may have a second bag if you buy a lot of souvenires.

Packing Tips (PDF, 56kb) Here's a PDF of our packing tips with a list of what to bring and not bring.

Airport Checklist 2010 (PDF, 38kb) Here's a PDF of what to bring to the airport in your backpack and in your ONE checked bag..


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