The Detroit Institute of Art


The Detroit Institute of Art has artworks from ancient to modern times. For each time period, they have good short essays about the cultures and the artists. That is followed by examples of masterpieces in their collections.

  1. African, Oceanic and Indigenous Americans Showcasing many outstanding masterpieces, mainly from West and Central Africa, the African collection represents nearly one hundred cultures of various size and complexity. The Indigenous Americans collection includes several exquisite sculptures, ceramics and textiles from North, Central and South America. Currently, there are no digital images of art from Oceania.

  2. Asian Art The Asian collection comprises art of China, Southeast Asia, Indai and Japan. The artworks illustrate the diverse creative achievements of artists and artisans in Asia, and many show Eastern religions or philosophies, views of the world, concepts of beauty, or their ideas of practicality. The majority of works are from China, Japan, India and Korea, but there are also examples of Cambodian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Ryukyuan, and Indonesian art.


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