The Minneapolis Institute of Art


The Minneapolis Institute of Art is a comprehensive museum, with art from 5,00 years of world history. There are 2,000 works available online.

  1. Africa, Oceania and the Americas The museum has 190 highlights from its extensive collection at this web site. You'll enjoy the large, clear digital images of artwork from 3,000 years ago to the present. There are diverse and beautiful artworks from many cultures from sub-Saharan Africa, the islands of the Pacific Ocean and North and South America. Click on "Selected Works from the Collection."

  2. Asian Art The museumís collection of Asian art represents 17 Asian cultures spanning nearly 5,000 years. There are 280 highlights including ancient Chinese bronzes, ancient and post-Sung jade, Chinese monochrome ceramics, Ukiyo-e paintings, Japanese prints, and classical Chinese furniture. The digital images are crystal clear and enlargeable. Click on "Selected Works from the Collection."

  3. Textiles The museum's collection spans 15 centuries, and represents more than 70 countries in Europe, Africa, India, the Americas and Asia. The 340 highlights represent diverse cultures, from Egyptian Coptic and pre-Columbian Peru to 20th-century Bhutan and Morocco. Be careful because there are Western and Non-Western artworks in this section. Click on "Selected Works from the Collection."


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