Contemporary Non-Western Art


These are just a few of the web sites available for your research. You can also Google using these terms: "traditional arts of x" or "contemporary arts of x." For "x" fill in the country of interest.

Search for portfolios of contemporary artists, organized by country.

  • Artists Portfolios Online This commercial site hosts artists portfolios from around the world. This link takes you to the page that lets you search by country. Just choose one of our non-western countries and explore. But be careful! On the search for Japan, there were Western artists who live in Japan. If you have any questions, ask Ms. Rindsberg.

  • Africa:

  • Journeys and Destinations Journeys and Destinations features six artists who hail from Africa but form part of a significant and long-standing diaspora in Europe and America. Their artistic expressions, life experiences and critical place within the global art world reflect the realities of many of Africa's contemporary artists. This web exhibit from the National Museum of African American Art explores their art and lives.

  • African Colours This web gallery links you to 84 African artists working today. There are painters, sculptors, photographers and more. Each image links to an artist's page where there is a biography, artist's statement and examples of their work.

  • India:

  • Delhi Art Gallery Artists from the early 19th century to the present are represented by this gallery in Delhi, India. They are divided by medium: paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. The artists use a wide range of styles, often using traditional subjects with modern interpretations.

  • JWDC Artists associated with the Janakpur Women's Development Center are earning recognition as some of the finest contemporary artists in Nepal. This exhibit celebrates the life and work of these village artists, a number of whom joined the JWDC when it was initiated in 1989. This web site has a joyous gallery of their work.

  • Indain Art Circle This web site links you to a wide range of the arts of India: folk and tribal art, contemporary art, and the great masters. There's also a section "Know Indian Art."

  • Central Asia:

  • Modern Afghan Rugs For hundreds of years, rugmakers in Afghanistan and Central Asia have created beautiful rugs that have been considered artworks around the world. But what happens when war disrupts the artists' lives? This National Public Radio story and gallery of three rugs will show you one effect of the US liberation of Afghanistan.

  • China:

  • Art Scene China This link will take you to a gallery representing 25 contemporary and avante garde artists currently working in China. You can explore how each artist communicates his ideas through paint, paper, color and form.

  • Contemporary Chinese Artists features portfolios from Chinese artists, organized by categories: painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture and ceramics, photography and prints, watercolors, conceptual art and New Yunnan School.

  • Japan:

  • Samurai in Japanese Anime This essay and illustrations are part of a college project on Japanese animation in both film and print. There are also links to other anime sites. There are thousands of web sites devoted to anime, anime artists and anime fan clubs. This is a good start.

  • Contemporary Japanese Artists The Take (ta kay) Collection presents artworks by Japanese contemporary artists. The collection is mainly screenprints and photo works. You can explore this web site to discover the newest Japanese artists.

  • Traditional Japanese Bamboo Arts The Tai Gallery in New Mexico represents contemporary Japanese artists who work with the traditional bamboo materials and techniques. There are portfolios of over 20 artists who create very interesting baskets and sculptures.

  • Ichirou Senoo Collection Japanese artist Ichirou Senoo presents his oil paintings, original fairy tales and copper prints on this easy to navigate site.

  • Inamura Toshizoh Japanese graphic designer Inamura's site has six galleries of his artworks created with Adobe Photoshop. Check out the "How?" to see how he does it. Most of the site is in Japanses, but there's enough English to be able to navigate.

  • Souteast Asia:

  • Gallery Showcase from Things Asian has an art gallery representing modern Vietnamese artists. Thirty-six artists are featured on the three opening pages. You click on one of their works to go to a portfolio of more artworks. You can also search the site by name for over 70 artists. Explore the rest of the website for photo essays on modern life in China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

  • North America:

  • Holman: Forty Years of Graphic Art This web exhibit explores the graphic art of Holman, Northwest Territories, in Arctic Canada by The Winnipeg Art Gallery in Winnipeg, Canada. It is home to the largest collection of contemporary Inuit art in the Western world. Interviews with artists, photographs and video of the community and of artists at work provide a rare opportunity to experience the art and culture of a remote northern Canadian community. The site also features a thorough educational component, Classroom Connections, for students of all ages and teachers.

  • Tlingit Artist Jim Schoppert The work of the influential Tlingit artist Jim Schoppert (1947-1992) is showcased in this web exhibition of 50 objects that include large woodcarvings, masks and poetry. Schoppert was an artist who challenged the traditional norms of Northwest Coast art while at the same time serving as a spokesperson for all contemporary Alaska native artists.

  • Memory And Imagination: Maidu Indian Artist Frank Day
    Frank Day was born in California in 1902 and learned the language, myths, legends, songs, and traditions of his people. He began painting in 1960 as therapy after an injury. He painted 200 compositions with Maidu themes with bold colors, strong composition and a distinct style before his death in 1967. There are six amazing paintings in this web exhibition.

  • To Honor & Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions To Honor and Comfort celebrates the history and diversity of quiltmaking in Native American communities, examines how quiltmaking strengthens community life, and pays tribute to the artists who continue to create within this expressive cultural tradition. Quilts are used for everyday purposes such as bedcoverings, shelter coverings, infants' swing cradles, weather insulation, and providing a soft place to sit on the ground. In some communities, quilts also play important roles in tribal ceremonies, the honoring of individuals, and other activities. Enjoy learning about the thirteen quilts in this exhibit.

  • California Indian Artists The Northern California Indian Development Council hosts this web site for contemporary Indian artists to sell their work. There are fine examples of traditional kachinka dolls, baskets, jewelry and more.

  • San Ildefonso Pueblo This gallery offers the work of southwest American Indian artists, especially pottery. The artists follow traditions that are hundreds of years old yet experiement with other refinements, such as carving and gem insets. Enjoy exploring the entire site.

  • Central and South America:

  • Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art Mexico celebrates a rich tradition of arte popular that reaches more than 2,000 years into the Mesoamerican past. Today, in villages, towns, and cities throughout Mexico, indigenous people and Mestizos—people of mixed Native and non-Native heritage—continue to fashion art that expresses their deeply rooted traditions. Their art reflects their communal lives and values. Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art honors this enduring tradition through this web exhibit of Mexico’s greatest living folk artists.

  • The Diego Rivera Virtual Web Museum Diego Rivera (1886-l957), muralist painter, was one of the greatest artists in the 20th century. Born in Guanajuato Mexico, in 1892 he moved to Mexico City with his family. He studied in the San Carlos Academy and in the carving workshop of artist José Guadalupe Posada. Later in Paris, he studied post-modernism and cubism. Rivera recovered the Pre-Columbian past catching the most significant moments in Mexican history: the earth, the farmer, the laborer, the custumes and popular characters. Diego Rivera was a revolutionary painter looking to take art to the big public, to streets and buildings, managing a precise, direct, and realist style, full of social content. There is a lot to explore here.

  • Amnesia Amnesia was an exhibition of contemporary art from South America curated by Christopher Grimes that was presented jointly at the Christopher Grimes Gallery and Track 16 Gallery from July 1st through September 12th, 1998. There are ten works from photography to installations.

  • Sicardi Gallery The Sicardi Gallery, established in 1994 in Houston, Texas, specializes in modern and contemporary Latin American Art--painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media. The gallery's mission is to promote the work of established and emerging artists from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Central and South America who are making an impact in today's art world. Click on "Artists" to see portfolios of artist's works.


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