African Art (Assignments #3-4)


This presentation is for the second semester of Non-Western Art History, assignments #3 - 4 African Art.

Please read the one page summary about African art before you view this presentation.

African Art Here you will learn about the art of the vast continent of Africa that is below the Saharan Desert. This includes the modern countries of Angola, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, the Republic of Congo, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe to name just a few.

Unit I - Introduction To The Geographic Exploration Assignments # 1 - 2
Course Outline: Semester Two Outline
Handout: Major Cultures of the Non-Western World
Handout: Nine Geographic Areas ID
Checklist: Checklist # 2-1
Grading: Tracking Document Semester Two

Unit II: Geographic Exploration of Non-Western Art History
Assignments # 3 - 22
Checklist # 2 - 4: African Art


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