Kamakura, Muromachi, and Momoyama Period

  1. Kamakura Period 1185-1392 The ruling warrior class favored artists who showed direct honesty and energy in paintings and sculpture. Realism was honored in samurai and religious artworks. Met Timeline of Art History

  2. Muromachi Period 1392-1573 The arts grew beyond painting to include an appreciation of garden design, flower arranging, the decorative arts, interior design, architecture, calligraphy and the preparation and presentation of food. Met Timeline of Art History

  3. Japanese Samurai gives you a quick overview of the development, power and decline of the samurai warrior system. The information is good but the modern illustrations are out of place.

  4. Rekihaku Screens shows you an overview of the fantastic pair of screens showing the life of Kyoto in the early 16th century; figures 203a and 203b in our textbook. Then you can zoom in to see all the details of sections.


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