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Past posts from previous course with good information:
The US-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Exchange maintains a list of interships and exchange programs for people interested in studying or working in Japan. Click here for more information. Warning: studying abroad can be a life-changing experieince!

Thanks for the great presentations today. Below are the links to Jace's video of a modern samurai slicling a baseball - absolutely incredible! - and Hugh's video on the process for printing a woodblock print:

  1. Someone sign this man up for MLB! Samurai and Baseball

  2. This video is 4 minutes and 28 seconds with sub-titles Japanese Woodblock Print Process

Looking for something to do on Spring Break? Maybe you'd like to watch the full anime with the raigo scene that I showed in class. Here's the link to The Tale of the Princess Kaguya also known as the fairy tale, The Bamboo Princess and the Woodcutter.
And there's another anime with a raigo scene, staring racoons! POMPOKO


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