History of Photography

  1. Henry Fox Talbot (1800 - 1877) was one of the early inventors of photographic processes. This fascinating essay describes how this chemist, mathematician, astronomer, and botanist struggled to make images permanent.

  2. Thomas Eakins (1844 - 1916) was a dedicated and talented photographer in addition to being an accomplished painter, watercolorist, and teacher.

  3. The Dauguerreian Age in France 1839 - 1855 tells the lively story of the birth of photography and the craze that spread around the world.

  4. The Dauguerreian Era in America also includes photos of the next technological breakthrough - the paper print.

  5. Gustave Le Gray (1820- 1884) was the central figure in French photography of the 1850s - an artist of the first order, a teacher, and the author of several widely distributed instructional manuals.

  6. Kodak and the Rise of Amateur Photography explains how faster film, faster lenses and cheaper cameras revolutionalized how photography was used and how it led to photojournalism.

  7. Group f/64 were a group of eleven photographers. The name referred to the smallest aperture available in large-format view cameras at the time and it signaled the group's conviction that photographs should celebrate rather than disguise the medium's unrivaled capacity to present the world "as it is."

  8. Richard Avedon 1923-2004 was a photographer who excelled at portraits and fashion photography as well as photojournalism. This is his offical web site.


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