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  • Masters of Photography has information about 62 great photographers, from Henry Fox Talbot to Sebatiao Salgado. There are articles, examples of their photographs and additional resources for each photographer.

  • Below are links to some of my favorite photographers covered in this collection:

    1. Ansel Adams is best known for his stunning, crisp, clear images of the American West.

    2. Margaret Bourke White was a pioneer woman photographer. She covered WWII and made some of the first photos of the Nazi concentration camps.

    3. Imogene Cunningham was an American modernist, best known for closeups of flowers and plants

    4. Roy DeCarava documented the African-American experience and its cultural icons

    5. Walker Evans captured some of the most haunting images of American society during the Great Depression

    6. Lewis Hine was an activist documentary photographer from the early 20th century who covered the immigrants of Ellis Island to child labor to sweatshops.

    7. Andre Kertesz as a street photographer roamed with his camera from Eastern Europe to Paris to New York. He also created images sometimes surrealistic.

    8. Dorothea Lange Probably made the single best known photograph of an American poor family during the Great Depression.

    9. Irving Penn created elegant and insightful photographs that were much, much more than fashion shots.

    10. W. Eugene Smith created documentary photographs with a moral edge. He was the King of the Photo Essay, pushing it to new heights and emotions.

    11. Edward Steichen was a pioneer in pictorialism before moving on to fashion photography. He was the creator and editor of the ground-breaking exhibit "The Family of Man."

    12. Alfred Stieglitz was known as the Prophet of Photography as an art form, yet his own excellent work is too often overlooked.

    13. Paul Strand is the subject of a major exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum for the summer of 2006. He was the initiator of straight photography.

    14. Edward Weston experimented widely and created elegant, nearly abstract photographs of common and uncommon natural objects.


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