Color Photography

  1. Galen Rowell was one of the premier color photographers, specializing in the wonders of the natural world. Mountain Light Photography has graciously posted 15 of his stunning images to enjoy. Unfortunately, this site hasn't been updated. Galen and his wife, Barbara, died in 2002 while on assignment.

  2. Color Folio Inc. has a featured artist section. Eleven color photographers have portfolios of 8 - 10 images in saturated colors. Note: there are three painters (Alan Flattmann, Judy Greenwood and John King) who are also featured and four black and white photographers (William Carter, Drew Eschbacher, Mark Story and Mark Tuschman).

  3. Pete Turner is the master of super saturated colors. This web site shows his favorite photos, from the classics to his jazz series.

  4. Eliot Porter began as a black and white photographer in the late 1930s. However, once coloe became available, he mastered the medium. Porter bequethed his photo collection to the Amon Carter Museum and they have many of his finest examples on line. Click on "Color" and travel around the world with this remarkable photographer.

  5. John Daido Loori is a Zen master teacher and photographer, as well as an author and film maker. Once you enter this site, click on "Portfolio" to see his beautiful photographs of the Grand Canyon, Point Lobos in California, Ice Formations and more. They are inspiring and I wish they were larger on the site.

  6. Annie Leibovitz has worked for Rolling Stone and Vogue magazine as well as photographing the Bosnian war. This article is a short overview of her career since 1971.

  7. Annie Leibovitz's Tumblr account


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