February 2, 2012: The World In A Grain of Rice



Please review this PowerPoint presentation The Land and Natural Resources. We'll view it in class and discuss the ideas when we meet at Matsuya Restaurant on February 9.

You can also print out the presentation using this PDF The Land and Natural Resources (PDF, 1,573kb)

Textbook Readings

Textbook readings for Feb. 2 are:

  1. Gambari page 93 Patience and Determination
  2. Kisetsu page 157 A Sense of the Seasons

Essay - due in class

The topic for your one page essay in response to the readings is: The physical environment, weather, soil, natural resources, geography - help shape every culture. In Japan, these shaped the national character as we see in the concepts of "gambari" and "kisetsu." Do you admire these qualities in the Japanese? Why or why not? You can discuss each concept separately or combine them.

Print your essay and bring the printout to class.

Click here to preview or review Jennifer's PowerPoint Presentation on Isolation and Internationalism.

You can also print out Jennifer's presentation using this PDF Isolation and Internationalism (PDF, 2,249kb)

Looking ahead

Topographical Maps of Japan Copies of these maps will be distributed in class Feb. 2. Please study them before our class at Matsuya Restaurant on Thursday February 9.

Click here to view Steve's presentation on Language review and FOOD

You can download the same presentation as a PDF language-food.pdf (approx 2mb)
And the food vocabulary sheet as a PDF

The map to Matsuya Japanese Restaurant

Enrichment Resources

Sumo Stew: Chanko Nabe (PDF, 1,278kb) Here's a fun article about real Japanese home cooking, adapted for sumo wrestlers. We've spent many wonderful evenings around a nabe pot with our friends, in Japan and in Cincinnati. Enjoy!

Very Expensive Tuna (PDF 40kb) You won't believe the price paid at auction for one tuna in early January 2010. The Japanese really love their "maguro" (tuna).

For PDF and PPT links, right-click and choose "Save Target As" to download the files to your own computer.

Interesting Links

  1. Food: Another Perspective on Japanese Cultural History This is a feature article from Nipponica Online Magazine. There's a good overview of the history of Japanese food and food preparation. Other sections discuss food presenatation, tableware, seasonal dishes and even a step-by-step photo demonstration of preparing sashimi. It's a long article, but you can skim through it to find the sections that most interest you.
  2. Fish Farming in Japan This is a short but interesting overview. Did you know that reforestry projects improve aquaculture?

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