February 9, 2012 Dinner at Matsuya


Our visit to Matsuya Japanese Restaurant in Florence, KY will be on Thursday February 9. We'll meet at the restaurant at 6:00 PM and enjoy our meal in their tatami room. We will savor a pre-ordered dinner with a wide variety of Japanese food.

Here is the link to Matsuya Japanese Restaurant's web site. You can see directions to the restaurant, menus and more.

The map to Matsuya Japanese Restaurant

Note: Next to Matsuya Restaurant is the Matsuya Grocery Store. Come early to pick up goodies or explore and learn more about Japanese food. We'll see you there!


Maps: Topographical and Geographical (PDF, 340kb) Please study these two maps before our class at Matsuya Restaurant. Printed copies were distributed in class Feb. 2.

Please bring your food vocabulary sheet with you to the restaurant. If you need a copy, you can download the food vocabulary sheet as a PDF

Click here to review a web version of Steve's presentation on Language review and FOOD You can download the same presentation as a PDF language-food.pdf (approx 2mb)

Also check out Steve's Corner, Matsuya Japanese Restaurant, for some very interesting videos about Japanese food.

For PDF and PPT links, right-click and choose "Save Target As" to download the files to your own computer.


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