March 22, 2012 Bijin and Buddha



Textbook readings for March 22 are listed below.

  • Danjyo Kankei (male/female relationships) page 61
  • Ikuji (child rearing) page 135

Please answer this question in your one page essay based on the two textbook readings for the March 22 class: How do you think changing male-female relationships in Japanese society might affect "ikuji"?

Buddhas and Business Here's Helen's presentation for this class if you'd like to view it again.

You can also print out Helen's presentation using this PDF Buddhas and Business (PDF, 753kb)

Phrase List Here's the list of phrases that everyone helped Steve create to help when you show your host family your photo album. There are other helpful phrases for your home stay. It's a Word document. You can download it, edit out phrases that don't apply to you then print your own personalized vocabulary list.

Most of the same vocabulary is also on the "flashcards" we'll hand out in class. If you need another copy, you can download Flashcards.PDF here. Open it in Reader or Acrobat, then in the Print dialog box, use the Page Scaling feature to choose multiple pages per sheet, then choose 4x4 to get 16 cards per page (or whatever other size you prefer).

Click here to preview or review Jennifer's PowerPoint Presentation on Women and Education.

You can also print out Jennifer's presentation using this PDF Women and Education (PDF, 168kb)

Japanese Equality Crusader (PDF, 57kb) For half a century, Emiko Takenaka, 80, has led the charge to improve the working environment of Japanese women. Read about her great achievements.

Promoting Buddhism (PDF, 57kb) This article from the Yomiyuri Shimbun, a leading Japanese newspaper, gives you insight into the state of religion in contemporary Japan.

You can view Steve's Tech-Tips presentation here or download it in PDF form (Tech-Tips.PDF) here.


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