April 5, 2012 Geishas and Godzilla - Popular Culture



Textbook readings for April 5 are below.

  • Giri (Obligation) page 95
  • Iitoki-dori (adopting foreign cultures) page 127
  • Zoto (gift giving) page 233

The questions to answer in your one page essay are: How are the concepts of giri and zoto related to one another? Why do you think this might be? Do these concepts inform iitoko-dori in any way? Are giri and zoto essential to iitoko-dori, or are they a hindrance?

Geishas and Godzillas Here's Helen's presentation for this class if you'd like to view it again.

Steve will post his lessons soon. The concentration will be on words and phrases to help you with your home stay.

Jennifer will prepare us for our lecture at the Edo-Tokyo Museum on May 19. It will be about World War II Japan and the re-construction period. We will see historical photos not normally on view at the museum. Her PPT will be posted soon.

Japanese "Boom" in Fondue (PDF 37kb) The Japanese have embraced the European culinary delight of fondue. One Japanese manufacturer has 15 different fondue pots for sale. Can you say "OTT"?


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