April 19, 2012 Enjoying Your Home Stay


Theme: Enjoying Your Home Stay


Textbook readings for April 19 are below.

  • Aimai (ambiguity) page 9
  • Amae (Dependence on Others) page 16

The question for your textbook essay is: How are the concepts of aimai and amae influenced by some of the concepts that we have previously discussed in class, such as wa, gambari, giri and uchi-soto?

Remember! two copies of your passport, medical cards, MSJ ID card, prescriptions, and credit cards are due at the beginning of class April 19. How To Copy Your Documents (498 kb PDF)

Tajimi Itinerary and Home Stay Tips Here's Helen's presentation for this class if you'd like to preview or view it again.

You can also print out the presentation using this PDF Tajimi Itinerary and Home Stay Tips (PDF, 877kb)

Survival Tips: Home Stay and Travel Etiquette Click here for the PDF of today's handout.


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