Class Presentations


I'll put each class presentation up here as we complete it.

These will all be in PDF format. You can usually just click the link to view the PDF in your browser, or right-click the link and use your browser's "Save as" or "Save target as" command to save a copy of the PDF to your computer so you can review it at your convenience.

When there's more than a single presentation for a lesson, I'll give the lesson a page of its own and link to it from here.

Class 1 - Jan 16, 2008, Language-Intro.pdf (approx. 550kb)

Class 2 - Jan 30, 2008, The World in a Grain of Rice (at Matsuya Japanese Restaurant)

Class 3 - Feb. 13, 2008, Directions.pdf (approx. 63kb)


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