Matsuya Japanese Restaurant


Matsuya Japanese Restaurant

We'll have a phrase/vocabulary list for you at Matsuya
It's also here (Restaurant_Food.pdf, approx 100kb) in case you need a copy.

Japanese Food (nihon ryori)

See the links at the top of this page for good explanations and photos of the typical kinds of dishes you'll see (and eat) on the trip.

There's lots of other good information in the "Other Food Related" section on the same page.

And for Jonathon (and any other soon-to-be-world-famous chefs)

Fun stuff

These videos are a hoot. And a half. Omoshiroi desu yo!
Omoshiroi = interesting or funny (adj)
Desu = is/are

Take what you see with a grain of salt (shio). Some of this stuff is pure insane fantasy, some of it pushes just a wee bit beyond reality and into the ridiculous (to Japanese eyes, at least) and some of it is right-on-target truth.

Your mission is to work out what's what. Then bring questions to Matsuya or later classes. We'll talk.


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