Contemporary Non-Western Art Dec. 4


We'll look at contemporary art from Africa, India, China, Japan and Native America.

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Contemporary Non-Western Art Here is the PowerPoint presentation for class.

PDF for Contemporary Non-Western Art 1 PPT December 4, 2012. You can print out the PPT with 6 slides per page.

Required Readings:

  1. Continuum: 12 Artists The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian created this online exhibit highlighting 12 contemporary Native American artists. You'll enjoy photography, printmaking, sculpture and painting plus multi-media works.

  2. Vietnam: Behind The Lines includes 16 artworks created by Vietnamese artists during the Vietnam War. Thye range from propaganda to portraits to battlescenes.

Additional Resources:

  1. African Colours This site posts the portfolios of over 150 contemporary African artists. Click on the representative artwork posted for each painter, sculptor or photographer to view their work.

  2. Delhi Art Gallery You can explore contemporary Indian art by artist, region or style through this commercial gallery.

  3. Janakpur Women's Development Center The Asian Art Society introduces viewers to the vibrant and playful arts of village women who have turned their folk art into a profession and source of pride.

  4. Art Scene China From their web stie: "Art Scene China is one of the premier Chinese art galleries in China, with two venues in Shanghai and one space in Beijing. The Gallery specializes in Chinese contemporary art by both emerging and well-established Chinese artists."

  5. Azito This online gallery, based in Tokyo, represents 21 contemporary Japanese artists, including Yoko Ono.

  6. Tribal Expressions North American art is sold in the Park City, Utah gallery and online. Artists represented include jewelers, potter, painters, and weavers.

  7. South American Art This is a curated index of top websites of South American art, artists, galleries and museum. You can search by country or artist, but it includes both ancient and contemporary art.


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