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About Art 244: Non-Western Art History

Course Description
Course Syllabus and Assignments
About the Instructor, Helen Rindsberg

Art 244: Non-Western Art History Presentations

Overview of Course and Cultures Aug. 28 - Sept. 4
Trade And Ancient Cultures Sept. 6
African Art Sept. 11-20
Indian and South East Asian Art Sept. 25 - 27, Oct. 2 - 4
Chinese and Tibetan Art Oct. 9 - 18
Japanese and Korean Art Oct. 23 - 30, Nov. 1 - 6
The Art of Oceania Nov. 13 - 15
Native American Art Nov. 20 - 29
Contemporary Non-Western Art Dec. 4

Field Trips September TBD

Times and Meeting Place
Directions, etc. to Cincinnati Art Museum

Test Reviews

Section 1 Test September 27, 2012
Section 2 Test October 25, 2012
Section 3 Test December 13, 2012

Web Sites for Research and Assignments

Google Art Project
The Asia Society
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
The British Museum
Michael C. Carlos Museum
The Detroit Institute of Art
The Freer and Sackler Galleries
The Kimbell Art Museum
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
National Museum of African Art
National Museum of the American Indian
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Tokyo Art Museum
The Walters Art Museum
The Worcester Art Museum
Yale University Gallery

Additional Web Sites for Research Papers

Art Museum Network
Encyclopedias for Cultural Information
Witcombe's Art Resources

Web Exhibits and Special Resources by Geographic Area

African Art
Indian Art
Chinese Art
Central Asian Art
South East Asian Art
Japanese Art
The Art of Oceania
Native North American Art
Native South American Art
Contemporary Non-Western Art

Performing Arts for Extra Credit

Check Here for Performances This Fall

Links to Local Museums

Cincinnati Art Museum
The Contemporary Arts Center
Taft Museum of Art

Web Sites for Fun and Exploration

Changing Face: Masks
Cincinnati Artists' Websites
Clay, Color and Fire Project
Visual and Performing Arts in Cincinnati
World Mythology

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