The Power of Lines: Printmaking (Assignments #2:5-7)


Explore how artists use lines and textures to express a wide variety of ideas in their artworks in The Power of Lines: Block Printing. View this PowerPoint presentation first. You will see a good overview of contemporary artists who use woodblock and linoleum block prints to create expressive artworks.

You can click on any of the images in the PowerPoint presentation to see a larger image of the artwork on the artist's website. See Handout #2:18 for more information. After your research, you will experiment with the technique of linoleum block prints, then create your own artwork with powerful lines and textures.

  1. What is a Print? The Museum of Modern Art has put together this great web gallery to show you how to make woodcut prints, etchings, lithographs, and screen prints. There are fascinating illustrations and examples for each type of print.

  2. Directory of Woodblock Printmakers Many of the artists in the PowerPoint presentation are linked to this site. There are many others if you wish to see a wide variety of styles by current artists.

  3. The Louvre, France The "Prints and Drawings" web gallery has very interesting images of drawings and prints by the masters. The gallery covers many centuries of art and is sub-divided by country and century. You can enlarge each artwork to see many details.


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