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What is Studio Art?
What arts standards are covered?
Who is the course author?
Where are the written materials for semester one?
Where are the written materials for semseter two?

Semester One: Presentations for Explorations

Personal Landscapes (Assignments #2-4)
Story Quilts (Assignments #5-7)
Advertising and Logos (Assignments #8-10)
How To Look At Art: A (Assignment #13)
Prints: Repeat The Beat (Assignments #15-17)
Fascinating People (Assignments #18-20)
Three Dimensional Masks (Assignments #21-23)
Through An Artist's Eyes (Assignment #24-25)

Semester Two: Presentations for Explorations

Make It Bold (Assignments #2:2-4)
The Power of Lines: Printmaking (Assignments #2:5-7)
Promotion & Marketing (Assignments #2:8-10)
How To Look At Art: B (Assignments 2:13-14)
Changing Landscapes (Assignments #2:15-17)
Sculpture & Deccorative Arts (Assignments #2:18-20)
Public Art(Assignments #2:21-23)

Students' Studio Work

Art Exhibit January 2004
Ashlynn-Chevelle Hankerson's Portfolio

Local Art Museums (Assignment #11)

Cincinnati Art Museum
Contemporary Art Center
Taft Museum of Art

Web Sites for Fun and Exploration

Cincinnati Artists' Web Sites
Clay, Color and Fire International Art Collaboration
Create Your Own Virtual Art
Dreamfields - A Student's Original Illustrated Story
Extraordinary Gifts - Extraordinary Paintings
Find Yourself Face To Face
Visual and Performing Arts in Cincinnati

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