20th Century Art

  1. The Hirshhorn Museum And Sculpture Garden Key artists of the twentieth century - from Picasso and Giacometti to de Kooning and Warhol - are all represented in this museum. Hirshhorn highlights has clear photos and descriptions of the collection. You can click here on the photos or on the titles of selected other works. Search the Hirschhorn collection of 500 images by artist, title, date, nationality, schools, or works on view. Check the "with images" box to see only artworks that have digital images. There is also a section with 12 featured artists that includes painters and sculptors.

  2. The Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art is a great resource for modern art. It is housed in a distinctive building designed by the world famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The Guggenheim Museum collection is searchable by artist, title, date, medium, concept or movement, such as "Abstract Expressionism" or "Surrealism." You can click on an alphabetical list to see a biography of every artist represented in the museum and their works owned by the museum.

  3. The Norton Simon Museum There are sixty artworks in the 20th Century web gallery. The images are clear and there are brief explanations of each work. You can also search the collection by artist.

  4. The Harlem Renaissance In the 1920's the Harlem neighborhood of New York City became the center for African American artists, muscians and writers. Thie web gallery brings you images of the major artists of the time. Background Information on the Harlem Renaissance This site gives a good introduction to the Harlem Renaissance, three artists are highlighted in special web galleries and you can read some of the great poetry and short stories from that time.

  5. African American Art The Art Institute of Chicago hosts this web gallery. There are 12 artworks, selected to illustrate the wide range of artists, techniques and materials used in America over the last 100 years. There is information about each artist and the story behind the artwork.

  6. African Americans in the Visual Arts This web site gives a wonderful introduction to the major African American artists. There are good biographies on the artists and for some there are examples of their work.

  7. The Web Museum of Art This web gallelry has thirteen sections. There are five sections on styles of 20th Century: Fauvism, Expressionism, Pure Abstraction, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. There are three sections on individual artists: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, ahnd Paul Klee. Other sections are: Artistic Emigres, The Age of Machinery, Towards Abstraction, Art of the Fantastic, and Pre-War American Painting. All sections include essays and images. Just keep exploring.

  8. Art Nouveau This web gallery highlights a special National Gallery of Art exhibition on the Art Nouveau style. Artists created paintings, posters, jewelery and furniture using curved lines and exciting colors. Shapes and designs based on animals and plants were very popular.

  9. Exploring Themes in American Art The National Gallery created this special exhibition. There are 12 -18 artworks for each theme. Artworks are from the 18th century through the 20th century so that you can use them in a number of time periods. Click on the theme, then click on "Images" on the top right hand of the screen. The themes are: Abstraction, The Figure, Historical Subjects, Landscape Painting, Marine Painting, Portraiture, Narrative Painting, Scenes from Everyday Life, Still Life, and Topographical Views.

  10. Great Modern Photographers Photography is an important artistic medium of the 20th century. The Kodak Company's "Legends on Line" has web galleries of twenty-five of the major photographers of the past 50 years. Each has a unique and different vision of their art.

  11. Louis Comfort Tiffany was a highly successful stained glass artist at the beginning of the 20th century. This special exhibition by the Metropolitan Museum will show you why his art was so popular.

  12. Henri Matisse This web gallery from the National Gallery of Art helps us understand the bright, colorful works of this influencial French artist. It is packed with information and explanations of his paintings.

  13. Gordon Parks Gordon Parks is an African American artist - photographer, composer, poet, writer, and film maker. Kodak Films sponsors this extensive website in the Legends On Line Series. There is a web gallery of his works, a brief biography and video clips of Parks talking about his retrospective book "Half Past Autumn."

  14. Alexander Calder He created abstract sculptures and mobiles that are whimsical and colorful. Many float above the viewers heads, shifting at a slightest breath of air. Learn more about his work through this web gallery created by the National Gallery of Art.

  15. Perspectives: Women Artists in North America This exhibition celebrates the important contributions of women in the arts from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Perspectives features historical, modern, and contemporary art by women artists whose contributions vary across cultures and periods. Artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries are organized by four themes: Private Worlds, Land and Place, Modernity, and Beyond Modernity. Watch your dates.

  16. Magdalena Abakanowicz The Metropolitan Museum created this web gallery with highlights of a special exhibit of this living Polish woman sculptor. Her images of the human form challenge people to think of how we interact with each other.

  17. Jacob Lawrence The Phillips Collection has assembled a gallery highlighting the bold shapes and strong colors of Jacob Lawrence's paintings.

  18. Diego Rivera The City College of San Francisco has a wonderful web gallery exploring the mural Rivera painted there. The images clearly show Rivera's colorful, powerful style, here combining the history of Mexico with the history of the San Francisco area.

  19. African American Masters The Smithsonian Institute has created this web gallery showing sixty-one of the paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by America's leading African-American artists from the 20th century. Virtual H. S. visited this show at the Cincinnati Art Museum in February 2004.

  20. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts The Academy has been collecting American art since its founding in 1805. Thirty-three of its best paintings are highlighted in their web gallery. There are many portraits and landscapes from the 19th century through to the late 20th century. Be careful of the dates.

  21. Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art The Canadian Heritage Information Network, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, and their respective governments are proud to present this trilateral virtual exhibition celebrating the landscape of North America. Over 100 artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries are featured. The landscape art in this exhibition reflects the natural environment but also our history, our industries, our cultures and our belief systems. Consequently, it suggests the common human condition present in even the most diverse of landscapes.

  22. Amedeo Modigliani This web exhibition celebrates the tragically short life of Modigliani and the extraordinary circle of fellow artists and musicians who gathered in Paris during the first decades of the 20th century. These figures––from Pablo Picasso and Giorgio de Chirico to Diego Rivera and Henri Rousseau––are responsible for launching the modern art movement in European art. Modigliani’s unique artistic vision is intricately tied to his relationships and friendships within this particular group of individuals. There are many interesting sections to this exhibit for you to enjoy.

  23. Scenes of American Life This Smithsonian Museum web gallery explores the 20th century, from the excitement of New York and the Roaring Twenties through the Depression and postwar period, in works by Edward Hopper, Jacob Lawrence and many more.

  24. The Art of Romare Bearden The complex and colorful art of Romare Bearden (1911-1988) is autobiographical and metaphorical. Rooted in the history of western, African, and Asian art, as well as in literature and music, Bearden found his primary inspirations in personal experiences and the life of his community. This extensive web gallery created by the National Gallery of Art has over 40 artworks.

  25. The Creation 20th Century Religious Artwork

  26. Dale Chihuly pioneered the use of teams to create complex, multipart sculptures of dramatic beauty. He is a dynamic, creative leader in the realm of large-scale contemporary sculpture. You'll enjoy his bold colorful works installed in gardens as well as museums.


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