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What is Discover Western Art?
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Western Art History Course Presentations: Semester One

What is Art? (Assignments #1 - #5)
Why Study Art? (Assignments #6 - 10)
How To Look At Art: Part A (Assignments #13 - #16)
How To Look At Art: Part B (Assignments #17 - #18)
Art In A Cultural Context (Assignments #21 - #24)

Web Sites for Research and Assignments

The Ackland Museum of Art
The Art Institute of Chicago
The British Museum
Claude Monet Life and Art
The Detroit Institute of Art
The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
The George Eastman House
Great Buildings Online
The Guggenheim Museum
The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
The Louvre, France
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The National Gallery of Art
National Museum of Women in the Arts
The National Portrait Gallery
Norton Simon Collection
Renia Sofia, Spanish National Museum of Modern Art
The Rijksmuseum
The Smithsonian Museums
The Walters Art Museum
The Web Gallery of Art
WebMuseum, Paris
The Worcester Art Museum
Yale University Gallery

Web Sites for Assignments #21-24

Art Museum Network
ArtLex Art Dictionary
Encyclopedias for Cultural Information
Witcombe's Art Resources

Semester Two: Western Art History Course Presentations

Introduction and Pre-Historic Art (Assignments #3-4)
Ancient Egyptian Art (Assignments #5-6)
Ancient Greek and Roman Art ( Assignments #7 - 8)
Ancient Near Eastern Art (Assignments #9-10)
Islamic Art (Assignments #11-12)
Medieval Art (Assignments #13-14)
Renaissance Art (Assignments #15-16)
European and American Art 17th and 18th Century (Assignments #17-18)
European and American Art 19th Century (Assignments #19-20)
European and American Art 20th Century (Assignments #21-22)

Web Sites for Second Semester

Pre-Historic Art
Ancient Egyptian Art
Ancient Near East
Ancient Greece and Rome
Islamic Art
Medieval Art
Renaissance Art
17th & 18th Century Art
19th Century Art
20th Century Art

Links to Local Museums

Cincinnati Art Museum
The Contemporary Arts Center
Taft Museum of Art

Web Sites for Fun and Exploration

Cincinnati Artists' Websites
Clay, Color and Fire International Art Collaborative
Create Your Own Virtual Art
Dreamfields: A Student's Original Manga
Extraordinary Paintings - Extraordinary Gifts
Images of African Americans from the 19th Century
Through An Artist's Eyes
Unusual Jewelry
Treasures From The World's Great Libraries

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