The British Museum


The British Museum This is Britain's national treasure, much like our Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their collection contains millions of artworks from pre-history until modern times.

  • Highlights links you to their collection. You can then explore the collection by four topics. Note: Non-Western cultures are in this list, too. Please be careful to research art from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe and the United States.

    • Highlights by Culture From Byzantine Europe to the Vikings, from Old Kingdom Egypt to the Celts, you can learn about artworks from these great cultures.
    • Highlights by People If you know the name of an artist or a person featured in an artwork, here's the place for your research. You can enjoy an oil painting by the artist Edouard Manet or see how Achilles, the Greek hero, is shown on a wine jar.
    • Highlights by Place Click here to find artworks by geographic area, using their modern name, from Austria to Wales. Have fun exploring!
    • Highlights by Materials Do you want to see artworks created with bronze, enamels, granite, or papyrus? This is the place for you. You may find something you never knew existed.

    You can also take virtual tours of the museum by theme, for example Egypt, Greece, Britain, the Americas and many more. But be careful, some of the themes are for Non-Western art.

    Explore by themes such as animals, time, money and writing.

    There is a special section where you can learn about major world cultures from around the world. Please remember that Non-Western cultures are also represented. There are short essays with links to representative artworks and virtual tours.


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