Artcyclopedia This is a great site if you know the artist you want to research or if you are looking for an artist that interests you.

If you have choosen your artist, the first page of the website will help you locate museums and webgalleries that have artworks by that artist. Just scroll down, click "Artists by Name," then type the artist's last name into the "Search the Database." You will get a list of websites that show work by that artist and you can click and go right to that museum.

If you don't know who you want to research, you can search their database of 7,500 artists a number of different ways:

Artcyclopedia: Subject. Subjects include: Animals/Wildlife, History, Landscape, Religious, etc.

Artcyclopedia: Movement You can browse using the timeline or the alphabetical listing which includes: Art Nouveau, Impressionism, Baroque, and many, many more.

Artcyclopedia: Medium It is divided into Two-Dimensional Art, Three-Dimensional Art, and Miscellaneous Art that includes Digital Artists and Video Artists.

Artcyclopedia: Women Artists There are over 750 women artists in a separate search area. It is organized by time period.


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