Yale University Gallery


The Yale Gallery has artworks from both Western and Non-Western cultures. Below are the links to the departments with Western Art. The thumbnails are just details of each work. Click on a thumbnail to see the entire work. Click on "About Image" below the artwork to get information about the artist and artwork. All departments have 30 highlights.

  1. American Paintings and Sculpture includes works from early colonial times through the 20th century.

  2. Ancient Arts includes sculpture and pottery from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Ancient Near East.

  3. Early European Art includes paintings from Medieval, Renaissance, and 17th through mid-19th centuries.

  4. Modern and Contemporary Works features paintings and sculptures, from realistic to abstract.

  5. Prints, Drawings and Photographs covers a broad range of works on paper, from Albrecht Duer to Romare Bearden.

  6. American Decorative Arts is especially strong in silver decorative arts and furniture.


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