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My name is Helen Rindsberg. I have been a teacher and administrator in Cincinnati since 1972. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Arts in Art Education from the University of Cincinnati. I began writing curriculum for Cincinnati Public Schools in 1982. In June 2002 I retired from administration then taught high school art history part-time for three years. From 2006 - 2013 I was an adjunct professor at the College of Mt. St. Joseph teaching Japanese Art History, Non-Western Art History and Contemporary Japan and It's Roots. I was also an adjunct at the University of Cincinnati in 2016 and 2017 teaching Japanese Art History and Introduction to Japanese Culture. It's been a pleasure to teach summer school at Ursuline Academy since 2005.

Below is my personal profile:

I love art and have loved art since I was about four years old. My goal is to help you enjoy it, too. I took my first art courses at the Cincinnati Art Museum beginning when I was nine years old. My art teacher at McAuley High School was terrific and I was blessed to be able to take art courses all four years there. About my sophomore year in high school, I knew that I wanted to be an art teacher. My training was at the University of Cincinnati where I earned Bachelors (1971) and Masters (1972) of Fine Arts in Art Education. I taught art for eight years then took a little detour in my career to teach economics and computer literacy before becoming an administrator. I retired as an assistant principal in 2002. But I'm back now to my first love, art education.

My chosen media are photography and drawing. I built my own darkroom when I was 17, taught photography as a graduate assistant and married a photographer. I never worked as a professional photographer, but I have sold some of my work through art galleries. I always took photos of my students and many special projects. I've complete creating the photographs to illustrate the book that I have written about Japanese culture and art history. I'm currently looking for a publisher.

My photography work since college has been on our trips around the Eastern U. S. and on our trips to Japan. We just took our fifteenth trip there in November 2013 and we were also in Japan March 2011, but we were over 200 miles awa from the earthquake and tsunami). In May 2016 I co-lead a group from the Cincinnati Art Museum on a ten-day trip in Japan. We'll be in Japan July 2018 for three weeks. I have many beautiful images of the Japanese people, their temples, festivals and landscapes. I also collect Japanese prints, hanging scrolls, toys and kimonos, love Japanese gardens, and have over 200 books on Japanese art and culture. The period I love the most is the Edo Period, from 1605 - 1868 and my favorite medium from this time is the woodblock print.

I am Director of Cincinnati Dayton Taiko, a Japanese drum group that performs around the Tri-State at festivals and private events. I am President of the Cincinnati Asian Art Society which presents public and private programs about the art of India, China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. I relax by gardening and yes, visiting art museums.

I have been a docent at the Cincinnati Art Museum since 2004. I lead about fifty tours each year and thoroughly enjoy touring school groups from grades 2 - 12, college students and adults. I am also on the committee to train the docents for upcoming special exhibits.

My husband's photography business evolved into software development. We were married in 1972 and have no biological children.. But we have had eighteen Japanese college students living with us since 1989. They've stayed from one to five years. We're very close to them and they call us their American parents. In 2009-2010 a German Post-doctoral student lived with us while she completed advanced research at the University of Cincinnati. We have 23 "grandchildren." I grew up in College Hill and have lived in Fairview since 1977.

Helen Rindsberg
513-381-0234 from 7 - 10 PM


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