The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City, or the Met, as it is fondly known, is one of the premier museums in America. Its collections are extensive and their web site is excellent. Below are links to highlights of the Museum's collection by geographic area. Each selection covers a wide range of styles - from religious to secular - and techniques - from sculpture and painting to jewelry and masks.

  1. Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas includes 99 artworks from ancient to pre-colonial for each culture.

  2. Asian Art includes 54 highlights from India, Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea and Indonesian.

  3. Ancient Near Eastern Art includes 75 artworks from Mesopotamia, Israel, Iraq and Iran.

  4. Islamic Art includes 55 artworks with beautiful examples of calligraphy and rugs.

  5. Timeline The Timeline of Art History (pre-historic to the present) is searchable by time period or by a world map. This is a site rich with images and historical background on art. It begins with the earliest images in Africa from 80,000 BC through the Renaissance in Europe and across the world. New materials are being added all the time. There are links to external sites around the world for more information about highlighted images. This includes Western and Non-Western Art. Most of this course's readings are from this site.


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