The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston collection introduces you to more than 500 works of Non-Western and Western art from the MFA collections. The highlights of each collection are arranged in roughly chronological order. Each object is illustrated in color, described, and accompanied by concise and informative text. Many sections also feature "Explorations" - brief, thematic discussions of various topics illustrated by additional works of art.

  1. Art of Asia There highlights in this web gallery from non-western art. There are ritual artworks and luxury items. As of August 26 the museum seems to be updating the web site. Not all the links work that are designed to take you to specific catergories in the collection.

  2. Art of Africa and Oceania There are two sections, one for Africa and one for Oceania.

  3. Art of the Americas This links you to artworks from Pre-Columbian to modern. The sections appropriate for this course are: Maya Ceramics, Native North American Art and Art of the Ancient Americas.

  4. Art of the Ancient Near East This collection includes work from Mesopotamis and Persia.


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