National Museum of African Art


The National Museum of African Art This is probably the premier collection of African Art in the United States. You can search the collection many different ways - by country, by culture and by type of artwork, such as portrait sculpture or ritual object. There are very informative descriptions of each artwork. As part of the Smithsonian Institute, the NMAFA is supported by our tax dollars and many corporate and private donations.

  1. Explore The Collection lets you explore the collection by type or theme. Some examples are: African Cosmos: Stellar Arts, African Mosaics, African Textiles, Artful Animals and Contemporary African Art.

  2. Advanced Search Here you can search for a specific type of art or art from just one culture. The convenient drop down menues really help. You can use the other criteria or not.

  3. People Search This feature gives you an alphabetical list of artists, makers and cultures for another easy search. After the information is on screen, click "View Lightbox" the the classification that you want - again a drop down box and finally click "Submit." Thumbnails of the images will appear and click on the one(s) that interest you.


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