The Walters Art Museum


The Walters Art Museum was founded by a businessman and his son. They collected art from around the world, then donated those artworks and an endowment to share their treasures with the world. Each of their departments has selected masterpieces to highlight on the website. Each category below features highlights from that collection and shows large thumbnails that lead you to more information about the artwork.

  1. Ancient Americas The Ancient American galleries feature exceptional works of art from Central and South America, including masterpieces from the Mesoamerican Olmec, Aztec, and Maya cultures, as well as the Moche and Inca peoples of eastern South America.

  2. Ancient Near East This gallery includes works from the areas that are now Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

  3. China The collection of Chinese art includes works that span almost five millennia, from the late Neolithic period all the way up to the turn of the twentieth century.

  4. Indai, Nepal and Tibet This collection covers 2,000 years and includes Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim sculpture and includs many fine Mughal paintings.

  5. Islamic Manuscripts The collection of Islamic Manuscripts showcases masterpieces of illuminated and illustrated manuscripts. The sacred, devotional and non-religious manuscripts presented here were created across the breadth of the Islamic world and date from the 9th through the 19th century.

  6. Islamic World The term Islamic art encompasses the entire realm of artistic production in those lands where, from the 7th century onward, the Muslim religion took hold. Islamic art includes not only objects used in the service of religion but also those created for the courts of the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as articles used in everyday life.

  7. Japan and Korea The collection includes woodblock prints, ceramics, metalwork, ink painting, sculpture and more.

  8. Southeast Asia The sculptures and paintings are mainly from Cambodia and Thailand.


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