The Walters Art Museum


The Walters Art Museum was founded by a businessman and his son. They collected art from around the world, then donated those artworks and an endowment to share their treasures with the world. Each of their departments has selected masterpieces to highlight on the website. When you are in a department, you'll see a box on the right. Just click "View Online Collection."

  1. Ancient Art has 28 fascinating artworks from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Ancient Near East.

  2. Medieval Art has 25 religious and secular works from Europe from the 4th through the 16th centuries.

  3. Renaissance and Baroque Works highlights 30 masterpieces of sculpture and painting from the 15th through the 18th century.

  4. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Art has 30 superb examples of European and American painting and sculpture, including Delacroix, Ingres, Gérôme, Monet, and Manet.

  5. Manuscripts and Rare Books has 24 highlights of the illuminated manuscript collection. It provides a comprehensive view of manuscript production and decoration throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance from Ethiopia, England, Paris and Persia.


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