Pre-Historic Art

  1. Ice Age Art This was a special exhibition from the Smithsonian Museum. It has over twenty examples of artwork from pre-historic times. There is also information about the cultures and artists who created the works.

  2. Cave Art of Lausax, France Lausax was one of the first prehistoric caves discovered. This is a very extensive website with information on the discovery of the cave, diagrams of the cave passages, and information about how the art was created.

  3. Cave Art of Chauvet, France This has a good selection of images from the galleries of this cave.

  4. Human Figures from Ancient Jordan There are only a few images here, but they will startle you with their unusual forms and eyes.

  5. Stone Monuments of Europe This site links you to many websites with examples of tombs and spiritual monuments from pre-historic Europe. They are from many cultures and the artwork is large and impressive.

  6. Irish Tombs This website is devoted to the pre-historic tombs and spiritual sites of Ireland. It has many examples of pre-historic art.


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