Ancient Egyptian Art


  1. Explore Ancient Egypt The experts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston have been excavating in Egypt for over 100 years. They have one of the best collections of ancient Egyptian art in the United States.

  2. The Metropollitan Museum of Art The Ancient Egyptian Department at the Metropolitan has fifty highlights of their world famous collection. The Met has worked together with the Museuem of Fine Arts, Boston on archeological excavations in Egypt for many years.

  3. Age of the Pyramids The Metropolitan Museum of Art gives you an inside look into the pyramids and the artwork that filled them.

  4. The Art of Ancient Egypt This website was created to give viewers an understanding of ancient Egyptian art and its central role in Egyptian civilization. Selected artworks help you explore themes and browse a timeline.

  5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a wonderful feature, the Timeline of Art History. There are hundreds of beautifully illustrated articles on special topics organized chronologically, or from the oldest to the newest as art developed around the world. Here are topics and artworks of interest for Ancient Egypt.

  6. The Sphinx Learn more about the Sphinx that guards the entrance to the Great Pyramids. This monumental carving of the king/lion is a repeating image throughout ancient Egyptian art.

  7. The Treasures of Tutankhamun This was the discovery that was reported around the world in 1924. There are gorgeous images of the golden mask of King Tut and the fabulous gold art that was buried with him.

  8. The Walters Collection This museum has a fine collection of ancient Egyptian art with interesting information about each artwork.

  9. The Kunisthistorisches Museum This museum houses the treasures of the Emperors of Medieval Europe and includes many fine pieces of ancient Egyptian art.

  10. The Louvre, France There are excellent examples of Ancient Egyptian Art in this collection of the national French museum.

  11. The Egyptian Gods gives brief descriptions of the many gods with very interesting information about how and why they were worshipped.

  12. Egypt's Golden Empire is the web site that compliments the PBS series of the same name. It explores the lives of kings and commoners of the New Kingdom - the time of King Tutankhamen. The site is easy to navigate to learn about what interests you - Women in Power or Egyptian Society - that's just two of many topics.


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