Ancient Greece and Rome

  1. Art of the Ancient World This takes you to the department's introductory page. Look to the right where you can click on Greek or Roman artworks.

  2. Ancient Greece And Rome The Metropolitan Museum of Art has fifty highlights from their collection. You may have looked at them earlier in the course, but check them out again.

  3. The New Greek Galleries The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated the opening of the new gallery with a special website. There's lots of artwork and information about ancient Greek art and artists.

  4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a wonderful feature, the Timeline of Art History. There are hundreds of beautifully illustrated articles on special topics organized chronologically, or from the oldest to the newest, as art developed around the world. Here are topics and artworks of interest for Ancient Greece and Rome.

  5. The Walters Collection There are wonderful examples of ancient Greek and Roman artwork in this collection with information about the art, materials and artists. But there are also artworks from other cultures, so be careful of the countries of origin and the dates.

  6. The Kunisthistorisches Museum One of the finest collections in Europe has excellent examples of classical Greek and Roman art. This web gallery is open, even thought this section of the museum is closed. There are over eight subsections - explore each one.

  7. The Louvre, France There are many excellent examples of Greek and Roman art from the Bronze Age until the fall of Rome in the 4th century AD. Click on "Selected Works."

  8. The Roman Empire is the web site complimenting the PBS series of the same name. It's full of information about the daily lives of the rich and the poor, the religion, politics and even wedding ceremonies of Romans in the first century AD. It's easy to navigate the site and select what interests you the most.


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