Ancient Near East

  1. The Ancient Near East - Explore And Learn The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a special website exploring the ancient palace of Ashurnasirpal II from the city of Nimrud. There are beautiful stone reliefs and ivory carvings from the Assyrian Empire.

  2. The Art of the Ancient Near East Click here and you'll get to the entire collection for the ancient world. Look to your right and you will see where to click for the Ancient Near East.

  3. The Oriental Institue of Chicago This museum has a very extensive collection and information about art from the Ancient Near East. The collection is organized by country and has many interesting artworks. You can also search the collection by subject, such as animals or clothing.

  4. The Louvre, France The national French museum has a beautiful collection of artworks from the civilizations of the Ancient Near East. This link takes you to department introduction, then click on "Selected Works."

  5. Geocities The arts of Mesopotamia, Assyria and Iran are highlighted in this website.

  6. The Walters Collection There are very interesting Ancient Near Eastern artworks from this collection of a generous businessman and his son.

  7. The Metroploitan Museum of Art Fifty highlights from the Metropolitan Museum, a leader in the excavation of ancient sites.

  8. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a wonderful feature, the Timeline of Art History. There are hundreds of beautifully illustrated articles on special topics organized chronologically, or from the oldest to the newest, as art developed around the world. Here are topics and artworks of interest for the Ancient Near East.

    • The Parthian Empire From 247 BC - 224 AD the artists of the Parthian empire created beautiful artworks in gold and ivory.
    • The Sasanians The Sasanians conquered the Parthians. You'll enjoy these four artworks created between 224-336 AD.

  9. Art of the First Cities Five thousand years ago the first cities in the world developed between the Mediterranean Ocean and India. This fascinating web show has art from the Ancient Near East, Egypt and India.


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