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Discover Art courses

Western Art History, Non-Western Art History and Studio Art

Teachers - all web-based presentations, handouts, worksheets and tests for these courses are free and available for any teacher to use. I originally developed them while working at a drop-out prevention high school. Students viewed the presentations, read the handouts and researched artwork that interested them. I worked with them individually to address their specific learning challenges, motivating them to explore artwork from around the world and often helping them find new interests and inspirations.

Over the years, the elementary through college level teachers have used the Discover Art materials for gifted students, supplemental assignments and as a full course. Please feel free to email me with your comments and questions at:

Other Courses

Japanese Art History, Non-Western Art History and Contemporary Japan and Its Roots

These are syllabi and supplemental, web, and text resources that I use with my students at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, OH. Each time I teach a course, I modify it, based on student evaluations and new activities we find helpful in the classroom. These are not online courses. Discussion and sharing in class are key components of my teaching style.

Digital Photography

Each summer I teach an elective digital photography course at a private girls’ high school. It’s an intensive three-week experience, that explores the history of photography and demonstrates how knowledge of composition, design and technique can help students express their ideas and feeling about the world around them. These are the presentations that we use in class each day. In the Scholastic Art Award and Tech Tips presentations, you’ll see some of the great work created by my students.

discover art discover art discover art discover art

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